Issac Cox

a (Perceptive) or (Sharp-eyed) Spinner who Solves Mysteries


6’2" Clean shaven with medium lenght hair. Thin. Well dressed


Issac Cox born June 19, 1979 in Victoria, BC.

Issac Cox was born to a low class British family. He spent most of his life around books, and in facts. He can just see the solutions to most problems.

His father was an alcoholic and his mother was very abusive, causing him to isolate his emotions from who he is. This has turned him into a cold calculating individual.

He once fell in love with a woman, but she disappeared and even he couldn’t find her. The only thing that he could find was the letters OSR. These letters keep him up at night.

He works with a Vancouver Police as a consultant. Though the current cases have been rather strange. Fractal Purple Eyes is the big one at the station. Spiralers are going missing, and even Issac cant Solve it.

Issac Cox

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