Emma Shanelle

A Driven Spinner who Has a Licence to Carry


At Emma was born in Wawa Ontario on Aug 15 1986. Born to a middle income family who divorced when she was only 6. Most kids would be traumatized by that alone, but the added salt to,the wound is that they only fought over one thing… Who had to take her, as if she were the largest burden in their lives.

Emma was well liked in school though she had a deep anger which made it almost impossible to get close to people.

Emma moved to Vancouver at 16 with her father. She academically scored very high out of dear of rejection from her father.

At 18 she ran away from life, marrying a man for about a minute. Lenz a bartender who is still a bartender. After a year of marriage it collapsed in hot passionate anger which Emma can’t let go of. During this time she became an RCMP officer.

She is now with a civilian partner working on this new case. Something about a new drug spiral dust and an organization called agent.

This civilian Isaac has become something of a crush of Emma’s. Being very attractive she has never had to work for a man. She believes that there is sexual tension between the two, little does ave realize that Isaac.hardly notices her.

Emma Shanelle

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