Dre Lauren Darwin

A Learned Paradox who Works the System


Born in Penticton BC May 10 1957. At 5 he had taught himself to read. At 7 he connected to the mathematics of classical music. Dre existed in his own world. Math, literature, science and philosophy all at his fingertips at the age of ten.

At 16 he graduated.. Youngest ever graduate at the time. Though at this point his story changes.

Dre at this point he embraced a small cult and was never heard of again.

Well that’s what his parents thought. Little did they,know he learned to meditate to recursions.

Since this point he has mined recursions for artifacts and cyphers and rare minerals.

Taking a psychic to the newyork stock exchange to make a million in on day.

Currently he is synthesizing the drug spiral dust. All he wants is to play with the worlds and learn and own everything.


Dre Lauren Darwin

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