Constantin François Charbonneau

A Tongue-Tied Vector who Masters Weaponry


Constantin François Charbonneau Born Aug 1 , 1994, in Vancouver. Had a pretty easy life, his mother was a lawyer and his father an accountant. They were both partners in their respective firms. Constantin always felt there was more out there.

He got into psychedelic drugs to find his path to God. This never resulted in anything until he stumbled upon Purple Spiral. This drug has made him see the truth, threw his new fractal Purple eyes. In an overdose he disappeared for 3 years. In this time he sobered up and learned to use Tamasi Shukaku (The Soul Harvester) a soul blade forged of 100 evil human souls.

Now he has come back to earth in order to eliminate the production of Purple Spiral.

Constantin François Charbonneau

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