Anastázia Oľga Martinek

A clever paradox who entertains.


5’4". Leaner build with sharp features. Honey blonde hair kept long. Prefers jeans and scarves to necklaces and jewellery. Fluent in Russian and English, and tends to perform songs in both languages.


Born Oct 11, 1997 in Дрезна (Drezna), she grew up with her grandmother. Her Father was an English businessmen who fell in love with her mother, a Russian school teacher. They disappeared in a mysterious accident very early in Anastázia life. Her Grandmother is a bit of an anomaly to the public, as some say she is well over 100 years-old, and yet she looks no older than 40… Her habit of mumbling to herself, (mostly about the great Lukka, who devoured a great witch a long, long time ago) does nothing to deter those rumours. She also has a great fascination towards eggs, and will inspect any she comes across to see if it’s ‘her missing egg’.

Aside from her rather hectic beginning and strange grandmother, Anastázia’s childhood was remarkably mundane until she got scouted by a famous vocal artist on Youtube when she was 12. He introduced her to a big recording agency, and she was almost an overnight celebrity.

Since then, she’s been enjoying her life of incredible wealth and popularity, being a household name in multiple countries.

She is currently touring in Canada, with her newest hit ablum, Дракон ведьмы (A Dragon’s Witch).

Anastázia Oľga Martinek

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